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How many people can actually say they helped build a school in Africa? - You Can!

Education Charities

Creating education non-profits has always been the goal for the Seeds of Africa Foundation founders. Growing up in poverty in Zimbabwe they know the difficulties of getting an education in a tough environment. With your help, Seeds of Africa’s education charities can assist financially disadvantaged children with mentoring and guidance to finish their education. Seeds of Africa believes that no child should be denied an education because of their financial situation.

With only 34% of Zimbabwe children attending secondary school, your donations can help. The Seeds of Africa education non-profits stand by the philosophy that education is a powerful tool that can transform lives and end poverty. By raising funds for education Charitieseeds of Africa can help students who most need it.

Seeds of Africa Foundation education non-profits help disadvantaged Zimbabwe children by identifying the smartest students who want to continue with school and help to get them back. With your help, the education charities will provide tools like books, pencils and any other items that can help the children with the learning process. Seeds of Africa’s founders want to give back to the place where someone once helped them.

Contact Seeds of Africa Foundation to make an Education Charities donation. No child should miss out on an education because of poverty. This special education charities fund will transform the lives of Zimbabwe children, who can lift themselves out of poverty and create better lives. Money should never be a hindrance for learning.