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How many people can actually say they helped build a school in Africa? - You Can!

Zimbabwe Charity

Education Non Profit Organizations like Seeds Of Africa need your help. Accepting donations, Seeds of Africa is a Zimbabwe Charity working to ensure that disadvantaged kids are not denied an education. In a tough environment most children are unable to continue school because of their financial hardships. Seeds of Africa works hard to make sure no child who is eager for an education is denied this.

34% of Zimbabwean children attend secondary school. That’s not very many. Education Non Profit Organizations such as this work hard to get more disadvantaged children back into school. Seeds Of Africa Foundations’ philosophy is that education is a powerful tool that can transform lives and end poverty. Donations to help this Zimbabwe Charitywill be used for schooling, guidance, mentoring and educational tools like books and pens.

Founding members of this Zimbabwe Charity both grew up in poverty. With the help of friends and well-wishers they were both able to continue their education and were awarded scholarships to study in America. Creating education Education Non Profit Organizations was there way of giving back. You can help them by donating today.

With your help, Seeds Of Africa can continue as one of the most successful education Education Non Profit Organizations. Helping children get educated in a difficult environment is a difficult task. Donations will help this Zimbabwe Charity give hope to its children. You can help ensure that all children can achieve their academic dreams.