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Knowledge Center

The foundation seeks to intensify its efforts extensively, by introducing a new strategy – The Knowledge Centre. The Centre will be a compact and cost-effective educational solution to strategically provide a core set of educational resources for communities, schools, school districts, and individual students.

Strategic Goals

// To offer a practical selection of educational resources
Will allow communities, schools, school districts, and individuals to take full-advantage of current and developing technologies in concert with traditional resources.

// To allow communities and schools the ability to focus on traditional classroom investments and efforts

// To provide efficient, discrete package of resources
Standardized modules of program components that can be easily replicated

// Through it’s design, it will incorporate programmatic and educational flexibility
Framework will allow for custom configuration to suit contextual factors and future growth or changes in educational focuses or needs.

Buy A Brick

As the world changes at an ever increasing rate, the importance of an education grows exponentially. We recognize this importance, and have determined that the best way of addressing this issue is to take it into our own hands. The Foundation has commissioned the building of Mutare Zimbabwe’s first technological school, the Knowledge Center.

In addition to numerous fundraisers being hosted globally, we have also developed the Brick by Brick Campaign. Through the “Buy a Brick Campaign”, anyone can donate to buy a brick for the construction of the Knowledge Center.

The purpose of this Campaign is two fold. Primarily, funds generated by the donations will be used to acquire materials, and for labor costs associated with building the Center. Any additional funds generated will be placed in our Endowment fund.

It is easy to buy a brick for the center. Each brick costs $1.

Click here to visit our Facebook Page, and you will be able to purchase a virtual brick for a single dollar or also to see the progress we have made with raising funds for the Knowledge Center.