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Our Story

The founding members of Seeds of Africa both grew up in abject poverty in Zimbabwe. Due to the help of well wishers and friends, Martin and Simba managed to complete their studies and were awarded university scholarships to study in America.

Meet The Founders

Simba Marekera

“The one thing I could change about the world right now is leaders who do not realize their obligation of inspiring and providing opportunities for the people they lead”.

“I’m always wishing for opportunities to do more for those who can’t help themselves, to help others in the same way that so many other people helped me”.

“Education gives hope because it’s one thing in the world in which people can advance in life not because of who they are, where they are from or who they know, but how hard they work and how well they engage their minds”.

“The world could learn a thing or two from a former mentor and sponsor of mine who once said “Success is not all about how high you can climb, it’s also about how many people you bring along”

“I hope for the future that has everyone playing their part in giving children in the dark, forgotten parts of the world a shot at a better life through education”

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Martin Ganda

“The one thing I could change about the world right now is ensuring that every human being is afforded a chance in life, independent of one’s circumstances. More money must be used to invest in education”.

“I’m always wishing for the world to be like a global family. a family where we all appreciate the power of humanity, believing in one another’s potential, and realizing that to get somewhere in life, no matter how hard we work, we will always need a nudge from others”.

“Education gives hope because it is the most amazing investment one can make to another human being. The returns have a tremendous positive effect on the immediate person, his/her family and the community as a whole”

“The world could learn a thing or two from realizing how much a dollar can go or positively impact someone’s life in poor countries”.

“I hope for the future that one day we will all sit back and marvel at that one life that we would have touched and brightened. The world is too big to change, but I am positive that you and I with our concerted efforts can change one life at a time”.

For Martin Ganda’s full Bio download the PDF