Director of Operations

Kudzayi is the Operations Director for Seeds of Africa Foundation in Zimbabwe. After passing his primary education at a rural bush school, Kudzayi moved to start his secondary education at St Peters Kubatana School in Harare.

His hard work and effort was rewarded when he came out with the best results and was awarded a full scholarship for Advanced Level studies at Marist Brothers High School, where he pursued his passion in Business studies. On completion he started working with Delta Corporation Limited as a Chartered Accountant. Today he works as an investment banker and consultant.

Through all this, he realized that it is important to understand and appreciate how education can transform one person and leading into the transformation of a family, a community, and a country. To realize how education is important is the first step; the greater step is being able to get that education. That is his call: Giving those who thirst for education the opportunity to get it!