Martin Ganda is the helmsman of Seeds of Africa Fund.

Only a few years ago I so happened to be one of Africa’s underprivileged children, unable to go to school until an American pen pal, Caitlin, fortuitously financed my education using earnings from her babysitting job. Today I live in New York and have been very fortunate to work and connect with people that I never dreamt of, thanks to Caitlin whose investment in my education tremendously transformed my entire life.

I understand that education has been the key to much of my life, and have always wanted to find a way to create similar educational opportunities for young students from poor families in Zimbabwe. Simba and I finally came up with a way to do so on a large scale when we founded the Seeds of Africa Fund in 2007, which financially supports poor students in Zimbabwe by providing them with the means to attend school.

A few dollars from Caitlin’s babysitting job saved me from drowning in the pool of poverty that I was destined to die in. Through Caitlin’s help, I was able to finish my education. I hope you join us in transforming the lives of students in Zimbabwe who cannot afford education by investing in Seeds of Africa Fund.