Chief Strategy Officer

Shikshya is the co- Chief Strategy Officer for Seeds of Africa. She received her BSc in Business, Management and finance from Brooklyn College in 2007. After three years of working at Goldman Sachs, she moved back to Nepal to pursue her interest in the development sector and is currently working on creating a link between sustainable social enterprises and private sector.

Shikshya is a director at Radha Group of companies, which is involved in infrastructure development in Nepal. She is also a director at Radha Technical Training Institute which trains the marginalized population in Nepal with technical skills for advancement of their social and economic status in society. She believes that as privileged citizens of the world, people have a duty towards the ones less fortunate. A lot can be accomplished when like minded people put their minds together to come up with long term solutions for societal problems.

Shikshya enjoys traveling, trekking and dancing.