Chief Strategy Officer

Tinashe is the co- Chief Strategy Officer for Seeds of Africa. After experiencing the collapse of Zimbabwe’s robust school system, Tinashe has made it his mission to improve the situation of the Zimbabwean student.

As the strategic advisor to the organization, He brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for the Zimbabwean school system. After graduating with honors from St Francis Xavier’s, a mission school in Zimbabwe, he earned a Bachelor of Science with Distinction from Drexel University – majoring in Economics and Finance. He has worked for an Investment bank in New York on strategic initiatives for the firm.

In order for Africa to achieve its projected growth potential, the economic situation of the shrinking middle class has to be improved. Education is the key to economic and social freedom. "To a man who does not know the bounds the slavery, emancipation is meaningless" – The education we often take for granted today, has the ability to eliminate famine and improve the lives of many.