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How many people can actually say they helped build a school in Africa? - You Can!

Zimbabwe Scholarships

Seeds of Africa is a non-profit education organization accepting donations for Zimbabwe Scholarships. Seeds of Africa works to ensure that all children can continue with school no matter what their financial disadvantage is. With only a small number of children able to get a Zimbabwe Education, they raise funds believing that education is the most powerful way to transform lives and fight poverty.

By donating funds your money goes to help children in financially tough situations gets a Zimbabwe Education. A seed of Africa uses donations for Zimbabwe Scholarships, mentoring and guiding students, and supplying them with educational tools like books and pens.

Founding members who raise funds for Zimbabwe Scholarships grew up in poverty as well; trying to get a Zimbabwe Education was difficult. With the support of friends and families they were able to finish school and receive scholarships to study in America. Stating Seeds of Africa has been their dream and their way of giving back.

With your help and donations, Seeds of Africa can continue to give intelligent eager students Zimbabwe Scholarships. Helping a child in a tough environment get a Zimbabwe Education is difficult. With your donations you can help ensure that all children no matter what their economic background is, can achieve their academic dreams.