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How many people can actually say they helped build a school in Africa? - You Can!

Zimbabwe Situation

Seeds of Africa Foundation is working to help children living in Zimbabwe poverty. With your donations, Seeds of Africa is able to get disadvantaged children an education. The tough Zimbabwe situation has children with no financial means unable to continue with school. Seeds of Africa believes that education is a powerful tool that can help transform lives and end poverty. No child should be denied an education and a chance.

Living in Zimbabwe poverty is tough. Children who are disadvantaged cannot attend primary or secondary school. With your donations , you can help change this Zimbabwe situation. Seeds of Africa gets children who are intelligent back into school with guidance, support and tutoring. Your donations also help to purchase simple things like books and pencils that can enhance learning.

Seeds of Africa founders understand first hand the Zimbabwe situation of education. Growing up in Zimbabwe poverty they experienced the difficulties of getting an education and continuing on. With the help of good people they were able to get scholarships in America. Working hard to give back they need your support for the Seeds of Africa Foundation.

If you would like to help the children in Zimbabwe poverty continue their education, donate today. Seeds of Africa wants to end the Zimbabwe situation by educating its children to rise themselves up from poverty, create independence, and transform their lives. You can help.